The Ethically Aligned Design series was created to highlight specific aspects of the seminal document Ethically Aligned Design: Prioritizing Human Wellbeing with Autonomous and Intelligent Systems. Created by more than 700 global experts focused on the pragmatic instantiation of human-centric, values-driven design, the first edition of EAD contains more than 280 pages designed for a wide range of audiences and stakeholders. Ethically Aligned Design Series content identifies specific verticals and areas of interest and helps provide highly granular and pragmatic papers and insights as a natural evolution of our work.

EAD For Business

Ethics In Action Series For Business

In this paper you will find a straightforward overview of the value and necessity of utilizing AI ethics for businesses, recommendations for creating a sustainable culture of AI ethics, the skills required to do this, and how to hire and staff for such an effort. We have also included an AI Ethics Readiness Framework to help you determine how prepared you are to introduce and grow AI ethics in your business.

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Ethically Aligned Design, First Edition Cover

Ethically Aligned Design, First Edition is a comprehensive report that combines a conceptual framework addressing universal human values, data agency, and technical dependability with a set of principles to guide A/IS creators and users through a comprehensive set of recommendations.

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Chapters of Ethically Aligned Design, First Edition


EAD1e Overview Document

Ethically Aligned Design, First Edition, is the culmination of a three-year, globally open and iterative process involving thousands of global experts. Download the EAD1e Overview Document.

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News & Events

Find out the latest news and events that have to do with The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems.

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Videos & Webinars

Find out the latest videos & webinars that have to do with The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems.

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Defining A/IS Ethics – Glossary

As part of the launch of EAD1e, we’ve also updated our Glossary that provides common terms for Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (A/IS), as defined by professionals working in fields of Ethics, Engineering and Policy.

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IEEE 7000™ Standards and Projects

Join any of the IEEE 7000™ Standards Working Groups already in motion. Your insights can literally set the standards for the future of ethical intelligent and autonomous technologies.

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Measuring What Matters in the Era of Global Warming and the Age of Algorithmic Promises

Identifying efforts to restore our climate and protect children’s wellbeing.

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